This page contains downloads of the latest release ECU+ software for both the black box and silver box ECU+'s.

Existing customers: if you have an older version of software, please download and update to the latest release.

New customers: feel free to download the latest silver box software, install it, and play around with it. The software is fully functional, and you can use the included data file to see how the software works before buying an ECU+ for yourself. The silver box software also includes the complete ECU+ users manual.

Software is available for both the original ("black box") ECU+ as well as the current generation ("silver box") ECU+. Don't mix and match - the two units are not software-compatible.

Select a link below corresponding to your ECU+ type:

If you're not sure which ECU+ type you've got, use the Help->About menu item in your current ECU+ Windows software. If it's version 1.xx, you've got a black box ECU+. If it's version 2.xx, you've got a silver box ECU+.