Air/Fuel Ratio and Boost Logging
Wideband O2 support

When paired with an aftermarket wideband O2 sensor kit, the ECU+ can log air-fuel ratio alonside all of the other natively-logged values. Air-fuel ratio is logged at the ECU+'s native rate of 25x per second.

A wideband O2 sensor kit is a invaluable tuning resource in that it allows you to directly see your engine's air-fuel ratio in real time. (Compare this to the poor-man's wideband, the front O2 sensor, which varies greatly from car to car and was never meant for this task.) With wideband kits going for a few hundred dollars, there's no excuse for not having a wideband in any turbocharged performance vehicle.

The ECU+ supports a large number of wideband kits, including:

The above list includes just about all of the wideband kits in common use today. If you'd have an unsupported wideband and would like to have support added in the ECU+, just send an e-mail to Support for additional widebands is a simple software modification, and can be done very quickly.

MAP sensor support

In addition to the ECU+'s native air-fuel ratio logging, the ECU+ can also natively log boost and New! vacuum levels at 25 samples per second when paired with an inexpensive MAP sensor.

The ECU+ directly supports the following MAP sensors:

In general, MAP sensors are quite accurate if installed correctly. However, because MAP sensors measure absolute pressure rather than relative pressure, they will often read out a boost value that doesn't match a mechanical boost gauge. Instead, the MAP sensor will read out a value that's a fixed offset (in PSI) away from the boost gauge, where the offset is a function of elevation.

No worries with the ECU+, though. Now included is a New! configuration screen that allows you to compensate for this offset as well as any calibration errors in the MAP sensor. With the ECU+, you can adjust for these values, or even "roll your own" curve for an unsupported MAP sensor.