All In One View

In addition to its flexible separate view feature, the ECU+ Windows software now includes the popular New! all-in-one view.

An all in one view

With the all in one view, datalogged parameters are all displayed on one "mega" graph. In some cases, this allows you to more easily see the relationship between various datalogged parameters ("hey - the knock voltage jumps up right as the timing drops off") as everything is in one place.

As with the other ECU+ views, this feature works the way you expect it to. The cursor moves from one graph to another with a keystroke, and the current cursor value is shown in a pop-up tooltip at all times. The cursor also tracks to the ECU+'s separate views and to the ECU+'s engine monitor view, so you can isolate anomalies easily. All of the normal zooming (X and Y) and panning work just like you'd expect, and the all in one view can be tiled or laid on top of the other views. As with the other views, the street dyno cursor tracks back to the all in one view, making maximum HP tuning a breeze.

Selecting what's displayed

What parameters are graphed can be easily selected with a pop up dialog, and the scaling of the values are all individually configurable. This is particularly helpful for things like air-fuel ratio, where you can put your target AFR on a grid line (11.2 AFR on the center (50) grid line, for example), making it simple to see even small deviations from the desired AFR.

The all in one view is a new, flexible way of looking at data. Most importantly, though, this feature was implemented completely due to customer feedback. Several ECU+ customers asked for this feature, and when that happens, new features go in. It's as simple as that.