Advanced DSP Architecture
DSP technology

The ECU+ is built on an advanced digital signal processing "chip" from Texas Instruments, the world's leader in DSP. With DSP, the ECU+ internally uses signal processing technology that's normally used inside of cell phones, MP3 players, and products like the Segway.

Some features of the ECU+'s internal architecture include:

The ECU+ is a real hardware device. As such, it can't compete in price with ROM tuning and slow OBD-II logging software. However, this also means that the ECU+ can do things that software-based devices can never do. Let's say you have an extra analog device that you'd like to log with a ROM tuning device. No-can-do, since the stock ECU doesn't include any extra inputs. With the ECU+, you just hook it in.

One other thing about the ECU+'s fast DSP processing. As of version 2.10 of the ECU+ firmware, the device is using just under 2% of the available processing time. That's two percent. Why's this significant? Because the ECU+ still has lots and lots of leftover capacity for new features. Unlike many other systems, which are maxed-out when you get them, the ECU+ is poised and ready for lots more features in the near future.