Cam Sensor Conversion

To alter the engine timing, the ECU+ modifies the engine's crank and cam sensor signals. On all of the DSMs and the EVOs, the crank sensors generate the same type of signal, but there are four different types of cam sensor signals. With the ECU+, you can independently select the input (to the ECU+) and output (to the stock ECU) cam sensor type.

Cam sensor selector

For most cars, the input and output cam sensor type is set to the same thing - whatever type matches the car year and model. For some important cases, though, these can (and should) be set differently.

Don't confuse this feature with some common "hacks" to work around wrong cam sensor types. All of the four cam sensor types (1G DSM, both 2G DSM, and the EVO) are different, and any "solution" that involves moving plug wires around or using multiple sensors to work around misfire codes is just plain wrong. The ECU+ does this right.