Active Development

The DSM and EVO landscapes are littered with the carcasses of older engine management, OBD-II "loggers" and half-finished freeware. If you look around some, you'll find:

The ECU+ is different. There's a real guy on the other end of the contact-us link, and he answers e-mail. He also responds to posts on the forums - even the ones that say "help - it doesn't work."

The ECU+ has been under developent for over 7 years, (the first line of code was written in 1999!) and continues to evolve, adding the new features that current and future customers request. With 98% of the ECU+'s CPU time unused, a load of unused hardware, and a white-board full of TODO items, the ECU+ has a long way to go before it's "done."

And remember, when you buy an ECU+, you get the newest software and features for free. When you buy it, you're done paying. But the ECU+ isn't done evolving.