EVO ROM Map Tracing

The ECU+ is the only engine management system that supports stock ECU New! ROM editing and New! map tracing for the EVO VIII and IX ROMs. The ECU+ is the one-stop shop for these features, with built-in high speed datalogging, ROM editing and map tracing all in one integrated package.

Map tracing in action

The ECU+'s map tracing is perfectly integrated with the native datalogging and ROM editing functionality. As you mouse around the ECU+'s graphs, the ROM "cursor" tracks the stock ECU ROM cells. If you see a cell that needs some tweaking, double-click it and change it. With the ECU+, there's no need to jump around to various third party applications - everything you need is in one place.

Configuring map tracing

The ECU+ supports all of the common map tracing options available in today's EVO ROMs, including the MUT-II AFRMAP-based load and "two byte" load parameters. Additional tracing types are easily added, and are generally just an e-mail away. Software updates are free, of course.