Miscellaneous Features

This page describes a bunch of miscellaneous ECU+ features that just don't fit anywhere else.

New! Auto Log File Naming and Capture
Configuring auto naming

The ECU+ includes optional auto-naming of log files. Auto-named files are saved immediately without prompting, and the filename is defined by a template, which can include:

Auto-naming can be quickly toggled on and off at the start of the log.

Toggle auto-naming on the fly

This advanced feature makes logging a breeze, as you can start and stop log files with one keystroke.

New! Log File Trimming
Trimming a file

Sometimes when datalogging, it's useful to start the log when you start the car, log for a long time, and then save the log when you turn the car off. This creates a giant log file that possibly only includes a small section that you're interested in saving. The ECU+ Windows software to the rescue!

Simply right-click on a view, and select Tools->Trim File Data. This lets you trim the file to only retain a small section of the file. When you save the file, all of the uninteresting data goes away.

New! Support for International (SI) Units
SI units in the Engine Monitor view

Because of the international nature of automobile companies, the ECU+ ends up supporting a variety of non-US market Eclipses and EVOs. Because pretty much all of the world (besides the US) uses SI units, it makes sense for the ECU+ to support international units as well. Beginning with version 2.10 of the ECU+ software, the ECU+ now includes alternate Windows software that supports international customers who prefer SI units.

Yet another feature that sets the ECU+ apart from other systems.

The Notes View
The notes view

All ECU+ logs include a "notes view," which allows you to jot down some notes at the beginning of a log or later, as you're analyzing it. This handy feature also auto fills in the date and time of the log, and includes a configurable array of standard fields.

Excel CSV File Export

The ECU+ Windows software can export your datalogs to an Excel-compatible "CSV" file for later analysis. Want to do some fancy spreadsheet processing on the ECU+'s logged data? No problem with the ECU+.

The Software Remembers Your Settings
The file properties dialog

The ECU+ Windows software saves a copy of your settings inside of every captured datalog file. Now included is a New! feature that displays your remembered settings. This means that there's no problem looking up all of your settings for any saved datalog.

Drag Race Analysis
The drag analysis

The ECU+ software also includes a simple drag race analysis function. With this, you tell the software what spot on a datalog is the start of a drag race, and the software will analyze the datalog, recording elapsed time and MPH for the 60', 330', 660' (1/8 mile), 990' and 1/4 mile.

This can, of course, also be used on street runs, though it's not recommended to pull 110 MPH on the street.

While this feature isn't as accurate as a real drag race (it's tough to take into account spinning tires, for example), it can give you a very accurate relative measurement of your driving skill and allow you to easily hone your launch and shifting on a deserted back road.