MUT-II Datalogging

The ECU+ can datalog a variety of values through its native datalogging and New! MUT-II datalogging capabilities.

With MUT-II datalogging, the ECU+ can (simultaneously with the natively logged parameters) log a variety of values internal to your stock ECU.

Configuring what to log

Included is:

Displaying logged data

For the EVOs, the ECU+ can also log:

The ECU+ can log up to 8 of these in parallel (at the same time as the natively-logged values) at as fast of a rate as your stock ECU supports. The ECU+'s advanced architecture includes a separate microprocessor dedicated to this logging, so MUT-II logging won't slow down the native logging and can proceed at full speed.

The ECU+ is the only engine management system that supports both native and MUT-II logging. With the ECU+, you get the best of both worlds - fast native logging of things like engine RPM, while retaining access to internal stock ECU parameters like knock sum, load and fuel trims.