Palm Software

Please note: the ECU+ Palm software is currently not being shipped with new ECU+'s. In the rush to get the latest software and firmware completed, there simply wasn't time to get the Palm software updated to support all of the latest ECU+ features.

The ECU+ Palm will return soon as an update to the current software release.

The text and screenshots below describes the previous version of the Palm software. Similar features are planned for the upcoming version of the Palm software.

The available displays

In addition to its custom Windows-based software, the ECU+ package includes software for Palm and compatible organizers. With low-end Palm organizers going for under $50 on eBay, the Palm makes an ideal platform for simple datalogging, configuration and monitoring tasks.

With the ECU+ Palm software, you can display all of the sensor signals that the ECU+ head unit knows about in real-time text or graphal modes on four different display screens. Screen 4 is optimized for tuning, and shows four user-selectable sensor readings along with a configurator for the fuel and timing maps.

The Palm software can also capture datalogs and display them in a column-based text display right on the Palm organizer. Datalogs are saved in the Palm's memory, and can be "HotSync'd" back to a PC using the included Palm conduit software.

OBD-II on the Palm

In addition to the datalog and display capabilities, the Palm software also includes the complete OBD-II functionality - you can display the OBD-II real-time data, trouble codes, freeze frame data, and of course, clear any check-engine codes.