EVO ROM Editing

The ECU+ is the only engine management system that supports stock ECU New! ROM editing and New! map tracing for the EVO VIII and IX ROMs. Some of the key features are:

More detail about some of these features is shown below.

Map Filtering Shows Just What You Want to See
Filtering maps

The plethora of maps inside of a stock ECU ROM can be confusing, and locating the map you're interested in can be tough. With the ECU+'s map selector dialog, you can easily find that map you're looking for by typing in a filter string. Only maps matching your filter are shown, and folders spring open to show the matches. A few more clicks on the interesting maps, and you're up and editing.

Inline 1D ROM Table Editing
Inline editing

The ECU+ makes editing of "1D" (single value) tables easy. From within the map selector, just double-click the value, change it and press RETURN. No muss, no fuss.

Intuitive Editing
Editing maps

With the ECU+, ROM editing works the way you expect it will. Double-click a cell and type in a new value, or select a bunch of cells with the mouse (or by clicking on a column header) and use the built-in editing menu. Changed values are shown bolded so you know what you've changed, and there's a variety of ways of altering the cells. Best of all, editing works just like it does in the ECU+'s internal fuel and timing maps - there's nothing new to learn here.

ROM editing is specifically enhanced by the ECU+'s built-in map tracing function. With map tracing, you move the mouse along the ECU+'s datalogged graphs, and the current ROM map cell is highlighted. Double-click it, and you're changing what you want to change, all without jumping around between a spreadsheet and a third party app. With the ECU+, this is all built in - just like it should be.