Fresh motor... some miles and a WOT pull (with a log)

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Fresh motor... some miles and a WOT pull (with a log)

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I have some miles in the engine after rebuild, and decided to try a few wot pulls that i quit in approx 4000rpm...

The setup:

Wiseco 8.4:1
ARP bolts + cometic gasket
EVO3 manifold
FIC 650cc injectors
Bullseye 50 trim turbo
megan racing o2 housing
3" exhaust w/o cat
3.5" GM MAF
24x12x3 FMIC
Fidanza flywheel and 3.2 clutch kit
... + some random
!stock rewired fuel pump!

In the pull I had approx 15psi boost and in the 3rd gear. The 2 things that i wonder about is is A/F ratio dropping after 4000rpm and the high timing.. Could it be that the stock fuel pump couldn't keep up or is it the accel fuel enrichment that drops it? About the timing... it was over 20 deg. when I started pulling and dropped to steady 16 degrees... I wonder that is it normal or logical? after i let the gas off and pushed the clutch in it stalled but that is thanks to venting to athmosphere i think.

The funny thing is... If you analyze the pull, you'll find out that the car made approx 300whp @ 4500rpm.. with 15psi from a 50-trim... funny? odd?
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