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Car-specific questions and tuning advice for the Lancer Evolutions. EVO 8 and 9 mostly, but earlier models welcome.


Postby nothere » Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:01 pm

installed the ecu+ today after being on an aftermarket ems for several years.
forgot two things that should have made it a no go-- but it started right up.
never connected the stock maf harness connection, and didn't have the key fob for the immobilizer.

isn't the immobilizer "key" in the key fob? the ecu+ box was used so I think it is or was set up for an alternate maf source.

bare with me guys, I'm new to this + stuff.
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Postby malibujack » Mon Feb 19, 2007 9:08 am

Interesting.. The ECU+ is a piggyback so as long as the stock ECU is functioning properly your okay..

as far as I know, its possible to start and the car will idle (not sure how well) with the MAF harness disconnected, its possible your ECU+ head was set for an alternate MAF, but even if it wasnt, it might have had the minimum MAF value setting configured at 30hz which should have allowed the car to idle fine. Just check your settings and you should be fine.

The Key itself contains the RFID is synched with the immobilizer, so if your key is what came with the car, the immobilizer code is what needs to be in the ECU.. As long as your ECU is there, and its working, then its fine.

But if it starts and runs, just make sure you have a backup of your original rom.
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