hi gear wot death

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hi gear wot death

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I'm having trouble w/ when I am cruising in a high gear, or shipshift into too high of a gear, and I go WOT, build boost and bam... everything goes wrong, sounds like the turbo is gonna fall out. It's somewhat like part throttle surge sounding but it kills the power.
From what I've gathered so far my frineds' oppinions are that it's the ecu+ inherent piggyback-ness wherein the WOT table is accessed by max TPS voltage and at a high load (too high of a gear to be attempting to accelerate in) either the timing is too extreme or there is too much fuel (the fuel part I dont understand b/c I only have -% on my WOT table) and the combustion is quenched or there is knock and so there's nothing to spool the turbo and so you get that extreme flutter.

-my suggestion:

-something like (what I have heard) DSMLink has: can switch to a MAP sensor instead of MAF at x load or x rpm or x mafhz or something like that.

-or to have something that doesn't let it get into the WOT table when in a higher gear (or load is too great or something)

-or having load maps switchable by boost?

I dunno here, I'm shooting in the dark... but this is a major drivability issue. The car runs great on pulls... but like I said when your, say, cruising in 5th and just wanna get a little extra umph w/o downshifting and throttle it, you get some boost and you get the opposite effect... no power, spitting out black smoke, violent engine sounds, logged 5V knock.... the whole bit.

a link to the thread I started asking about this first w/ a log: viewtopic.php?t=287
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