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You wouldn't have to do a lot of the confusing DMA logging and such, but maybe this would be a cool jumpstart on the idea of using ECU+ to autotune EVO ROM fuel maps? ... -tune.html

You already have the ROM loaded and the wideband input. We would only have to fill out a table in ECU+ that listed exactly what we wanted the AFR to be in each cell. ECU+ could simply steal the X and Y axes from our uploaded ROM file. We would then fill in AFR in the table. We would put the ECU+ in some sort of "autotune mode" and make some runs (or a 20min session on track). The ECU+ would continually update a background version of the fuel map with correction factors and give us an option to overwrite our current map with it. We would "save as" a new rom file name and flash it. We would then rerun the process and hopefully the newly generated map would come out almost exactly the same.

The snag I see here is that the ECU+ correction factor would have to take into effect the current ROM fuel table scaling. It would have to understand somehow the correlation between AFR change and fuel table number change. (example: my fuel table may have a block of 10.5s, but they all correspond to 11.1AFR in real life)
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