ECU+ Palm Screen Shots

Below are some screenshots of the ECU+ Palm tuning software, formerly included in the ECU+ engine management system.

Note: the data displayed here is just simulated input to show the functionality of the software - these are not screen shots from a real car.

Six simultaneous displays
The first screen; the Palm software can display six values at the same time, updated in real time
The available displays
Most screens can show many different values - of course ECU+ Palm remembers your settings
Lots of values
The all-in-one screen; if a value isn't shown, you scroll down to see it
The tuning screen
The tuning screen; you configure your fuel and timing maps here while displaying four values
The graphing screen
ECU+ Palm can display simple graphs of two simultaneous values, zoom in or out, or adjust the scale
You can datalog with the ECU+ Palm, and display the values on the Palm, or upload the resultant capture to a PC for analysis with the ECU+ Win software