ECU+ Win Screen Shots

Below are some screenshots of the ECU+ Win tuning and analysis software running on Windows XP. ECU+ Win is included in the ECU+ engine management system.

The start-up screen
The initial start-up screen; notice the record button for starting a new capture (datalog), and the open-file button to have a look at an old capture
Configuring fuel maps
This dialog configures the head unit's fuel maps; values up to +/-50% can be entered here, and you can also load and save fuel maps from this dialog
Configuring knock sensor
This dialog configures the knock sensor type and back-off settings
Configuring injector scaling
This sets the baseline injector scaling, in cc
Configuring the analog outputs
The ECU+ has four uncommitted analog outputs - you configure their voltages here as well as the simulated front O2 sensor
Configuring MAS translation
The ECU+ can use a GM MAF directly; this dialog lets you setup how it works
Configuring cam sensor
The ECU+ can translate between cam sensor types, thus avoiding the CEL in 6-bolt installations in 2G DSMs
Setting up ECU+ Win
You configure the Windows software here; the software can remember your last window layout if you wish
Setting wideband type
The ECU+ supports a variety of wideband O2 sensor kits and MAP sensors
Configuring two step rev limits
The ECU+ includes launch control and no lift to shift rev limits
Setting up MUT-II logging
The ECU can datalog various internal stock ECU signals
Custom MAP sensor settings
You can set up custom MAP sensors or tweak existing ones
How map switching works
The ECU+ includes two sets of fuel and timing maps, with on the fly switching
Auto-name files
You can name files based on a template for quick datalogging
EVO map tracing also traces based on load
Configuring EVO map tracing is a breeze
A typical datalog
This is a typical screen viewing a capture (datalog), showing several engine sensor values, the notes associated with the capture, and the fuel maps in effect
The context menu
Same as the previous screen, but shows the menu that selects what other things can be displayed
Overlaying captures
You can overlay multiple captures, and align them for comparison purposes
2nd gear to dyno
ECU+ Win can treat a 2nd gear capture as a dyno pass, and calculate HP and torque; This shows the effects of doing some tuning
Editing EVO maps
The ECU+ includes sophisticated ROM editing and map tracing on the EVOs